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          鸿茅药酒 公司从未宣称 鸿茅药酒可 包治百病_www.forex21.cn

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            核心提示: Today (April 26th) afternoon, Hong Mao pharmaceutical liquor in its official account issued by the ...

          Today (April 26th) afternoon, Hong Mao pharmaceutical liquor in its official account issued by the enterprise self-examination and rectification report, which said that at present, all advertisements have been suspended, and expressed the recognition that Hong Mao pharmaceutical liquor in the last five years of advertising has a large amount of advertising, downstream dealers and retail drugstores advertising violations and other issues. For the security of social concern, the source of the leopard and the quality of production, Hong Mao liquor indicates that the purchase and use of the "leopard bone" is in conformity with the laws and regulations, and that "the use of Hong Kong medicinal liquor in accordance with the usage and dosage of pharmaceutical instructions is safe". (Zhang Xiaomei, a journalist from the North Qing newspaper)

          The full text of the self-examination report is as follows:

          Inner Mongolia Hong Mao country drug Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hong Mao national medicine"), as the main responsibility of the market and security of Hong Mao drug wine, according to the requirements of the former State Administration of food and drug administration, the State Administration of drug administration and the food and drug Administration of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, conscientiously look up their own problems and strengthen their quality. Safety, strengthen risk control, standardize production and operation, and resolutely be responsible for consumers.

          After the recent public opinion of Hong Mao drug wine event, our company did not seriously judge the risk, actively voice, take the initiative, respond actively to social concerns, leading to further expansion of public opinion. As a result, the company has attached great importance to the problems and impacts brought by the various sectors of the society, and sincerely apologized to the public for its understanding.

          This incident is a profound lesson for Hong Mao's medicine. Our company is soberly aware that as a pharmaceutical production enterprise, we must bear the responsibility of the main responsibility, take full responsibility for the safety and effectiveness of the whole life cycle of the product; undertake the task of direct reporting of adverse reactions and the continuous improvement of the quality of the drug, and ensure the safety and health of the consumers with higher quality products and services.

          Our company is conscientiously organizing self-examination, and actively cooperating with the inspection of relevant state functional departments, and now inform all walks of life by the current self-examination and rectification to all walks of life as follows:

          I. explanation of the safety, leopard bone origin and production quality of Hong Kong medicinal liquor, which is highly regarded by the society.

          1. the "preparation of aconite, the Pinellia ternata and the making of the Southern Star" are all processed products. According to the daily dosage required by the pharmaceutical instructions, the dosage of the medicinal herbs is converted into the medicinal dosage. The daily dosage of the medicinal materials is within the scope of the safe dosage stipulated in the Pharmacopoeia. Therefore, it is safe to use Hong Kong medicinal liquor according to the usage and dosage of drug instructions.

          The rhizoma Aconiti Lateralis Preparata and Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparata are commonly used in Chinese patent medicine.

          2. in view of the safety of Hong Mao drug wine, our company has carried out toxicity test, major pharmacodynamic research and clinical trial, and the research and experimental conclusions are safe and effective. According to the data of the adverse reaction center, 137 cases of adverse reaction were reported from 2004 to the end of February 2018. The main adverse reactions were dizziness, pruritus, rash, vomiting and abdominal pain.

          3. the purchase and use of "leopard bone" in Hong Mao medicinal liquor comply with laws and regulations. In the process of production, the material balance meets the requirements. In 2007, we started the research work of leopard bone in Hong Mao medicinal liquor and completed the pharmacodynamic comparative experiment.

          4. our company has been carrying out comprehensive management in strict accordance with the requirements of the "standards for drug production quality management". In the process of production quality management, we constantly improve the production quality management assurance system to ensure product quality stability. In the previous sampling inspection of products, no product failed. In the future, our company will continue to organize production according to the requirements of GMP standards, and undertake the main responsibility for continuous reporting of adverse reactions and continuous improvement of product quality.

          In the future, our company will further strengthen the risk assessment of drug safety, actively monitor the risk of drug, and continue to study the safety and effectiveness of Hong Mao drug wine, keep the "quality" and "drug safety", and better responsible for the consumer.

          Two, about the public and media attention to Hong Kong drug liquor advertising problem description

          Through strict self-examination and profound introspection, our company has realized that the advertising of Hong Mao drug liquor in the last five years has a large amount of advertising, the downstream dealers and retail drugstores, such as advertising violation, and so on; enterprise management is overly dependent on advertising.

























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